Sunday, 12 June 2016

How to Stay Motivated

Hey lovelies

Today I thought I would talk all about motivation. I'm mainly talking in terms of working out, however, it can definitely be transferred into other parts of your life. Motivation plays a massive part in keeping on track, at the gym and staying healthy - as mentioned in my previous post 5 Steps to Healthy and there's really no way that I could manage everything in my life if I did not have motivation to keep going! I go through stages of being super motivated and wanting to be in the gym loads, to being really not bothered and just wanting to sit on the sofa all day eating pizza and cake. These tips really help me out so I thought it was only fair that I shared them, enjoy!

Surround yourself with likeminded people - In all aspects of your life, it is great to spend it with people who are on the same page as you. Who I am with massively influences what I eat and do so try to find other people who are as motivated, or more, to eat well and work out. My boyfriend keeps me motivated to go to the gym every week and it definitely helps that we do very similar workouts (his weights are obviously massively heavier than mine!). Working out with a friend is the best way to motivate you to keep going, you can cheer each other on, share your goals and help each other to reach those goals. Plus you get to chat whilst you are there! Another great help is eating with other people who eat well. When I am surrounded by people eating cakes, biscuits and take-aways, I am much more inclined to cave and go for something unhealthy, however, when cooking with people who are conscious of the food they are putting in their body and know what they should be eating I tend to eat much better. The people you spend your time with have so much influence over your life, more than you probably realise, so choose wisely!

Get yourself some new kit - I always find that when I have a new outfit, I just cannot wait to wear it - surely I can't be the only one?! I don't exactly go to the gym to look good (my red sweaty face says it all!), however, kitting myself out in some fresh new items makes me feel so much better. There are a few brands that I always rely on to have exactly what I need but I am more than happy to try loads of new ones - my favourites are below:
Gymshark can be a little pricey but their clothing never disappoints. Their leggings have the power to make your bum look amazing and everything I have tried is super comfy and breathable.
Nike is probably the most obvious one. I once went through a stage of only wearing Nike gym kit! They have a large range to choose from and you can find them on loads of different clothing sites.
Forever 21 have a lot of similar items as the more expensive brands but at half the price. Again, they have loads to choose from and are lovely and comfy.

Create yourself a killer playlist - The music is going to be one of the main things keeping you going whilst working out so you want this to be upbeat and positive. The best songs are ones that make you feel bad-ass and like you can conquer the world; Beyonce is great for that! There are also plenty of playlists already created, I like going through the ones on Spotify as they have such an array of songs, depending on your music taste. 

#inspo - For the times you feel your motivation lacking, find yourself some inspiration! I find that following a load of fit people on Instagram really helps because you see how they look and what they eat to look like that. Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube are also great. Watching workout videos means you can see how to perform different moves and you can also see what the more successful athletes do. If ever I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like going to the gym, I look through Instagram and watch a couple of videos and I'm feeling motivated in no time. My favourites are below:
Instagram Nikki BlackketterEm SheldonJazmine Garcia
YouTube Nikki BlackketterEm SheldonHeidi Somers

Eat well - When you eat better, you feel better and when you feel better, you are more likely to work out and vice versa! I always find that on the days that I go to the gym, I am so much more likely to eat really well for the rest of the day, however, the days that I don't, I always crave unhealthy food. Putting the best possible foods into your body gives it the fuel it needs to perform every day tasks, as well as working out. A great idea is to read about what the best and worst kinds of foods are and find some new and exciting recipes. I am thinking of sharing a few good recipes with you, but there are plenty out there already so get reading!

Mix it up - Life is to be lived so you don't want to be stuck doing a boring workout because then you are more likely to give up! Mix it up, change things around, try something new and keep things exciting! I am constantly making changes and introducing new things to my workouts. I don't want to get stuck in a rut so this is where the inspiration comes into play; see what moves other people are doing and give it a go. You want to do the best thing for you, so if you would rather do a class at the gym then do it. If running is your thing then get running etc etc. Find what works best for you and what you enjoy most and go for it. I love the quote 'Believe you can and you're halfway there' and that's so true. The hardest part of a workout is getting yourself to do one!

If your are enjoying what you are doing then it is so much easier to get up and do it.

Jess xx

Sports bra: Ivy Park at Topshop

Shoes: Nike


Monday, 6 June 2016

5 Steps to Healthy

Hey lovelies,

Following this gorgeous weather we have had this weekend I wanted to discuss how to make your life a lot healthier! As the temperature increases and clothing decreases, I know that a lot of people get a push of motivation to tone up and eat more healthily so I thought I would share with you, 5 ways to make you healthier!


1. Drink more water
By now, with all the articles and posts of people banging on about how great water is, I'm sure you are all aware that you need to drink more of it. I could probably create a whole blog post with all the benefits drinking more water has, it is literally amazing - and free in most places. I usually aim for about 2-3 litres of water a day. Plus a litre when I workout. And often more in the summer - you sweat loads more in the summer (obvs!) so you need to keep hydrated. I make sure that I always fill up my water bottle before I go to bed so I can down a whole load in the morning to wake me up. I find carrying a decent sized water bottle around with me at all times helps so I always have access to it and it means fewer trips to the tap. I also often set times throughout the day to refill my water bottle, in which I have to have finished the current lot. Basically, just make sure that wherever you are, you can get to water as easily as possible and drinking more will seem so much simpler! If you want to 'spice' up your water, try putting lemons, limes, strawberries etc in it - fruit infused water is delicious and actually really good for you!


2. Eat healthier
Okay so I know this is a very broad one so I am just going to go over the basics and maybe write a full post on this another time? (Let me know what you think) When I say eat healthier,  I don't mean find the latest fad diet - Em Sheldon has written a post on why she doesn't believe in diets and it literally puts all my feelings about diets into one post, you should seriously give it a read HERE! What I mean by eat healthier, is clean it up. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Don't be scared of carbs, you need them for energy, but try to buy wholefoods such as brown pasta and rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa and couscous. Try to cook at home more, so you can control exactly what you are putting into your body. If you can, eat more (good foods) frequently throughout the day but reduce your portion sizes, you want to keep your body fuelled for the day. 


3. Workout more
And don't say you don't have time, you have to make time! I go to the gym at least four times a week and once I am back at home, I will be playing tennis and going for runs on top of that. It's all about doing what you can, when you can. I don't have one, but those FitBits and AppleWatches etc that count your steps do actually encourage you to get off you butt and do something. Find a sport or workout programme that you enjoy, or try lots of different ones. I enjoy doing a class at the gym every now and then, it's nice to mix it up and try something new. I'm considering doing a series of blog posts dedicated to my favourite workouts for different things so stay tuned!


4. Go outside
Super simple, but the fresh air is so so good for you in so many ways. I love going out for walks whenever I can as it is a great way to clear your head, do some thinking and feel refreshed. I also find it to be quite a good hangover cure - grab a drink (and put on suncream if it is sunny) and go for a walk. Walking round my village in the sun is one of my favourite things to do, whether its on my own, with friends or my family, its such a lovely way to spend the day.


5. Keep at it!
Stay motivated and make it a habit! At the start, you may have to think about what you are doing and the motivation alone can keep you on track. A little further down the line when you don't feel 100% or its raining or you just can't be bothered, hopefully you will have created a habit so you keep going through it all. Going to the gym three, or even two times a week seemed like such a chore for me before, but now I have made a habit out of it, I can easily go at least four times a week. Find little things to keep you motivated: find yourself a workout buddy so you can encourage each other, plus you can have a chat whilst you're doing it. Get the people that you live with or spend your time with to eat cleaner too and it will seem so much easier. Sign up to a challenge to give yourself something to work towards! I've signed up to do The Nuts Challenge again (see my previous post here) so I am super motivated to beat my previous time!

You don't need to make massive, drastic changes in your life; if you just change a few little things, you will notice the difference. To me, healthy = happy so it is a no-brainer!

Jess xx

Let me know what you think of this kind of post! Do you want more health and fitness related ones?
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