Saturday, 30 January 2016

Nude Styling

Hey lovelies

I'm back at home this weekend, and I've filled my SD card up with a whole load of pictures ready to be blogged so you'll be seeing a lot more from me these next few weeks!

Today's outfit features this gorgeous nude/camel coloured jumpsuit from In Love With Fashion. It's made from a lovely slinky material that feels so soft and silky against the skin, and it hugs all the right areas ensuring that you look your most flattering. As you are probably aware, I am obsessed with jumpsuits as they work all year round and are so so comfy. 

The ILWF website was down for a while so you could only buy a small range from other shops, however, they are back and are showcasing so many amazing styles, I seriously can't wait to see what their SS16 collection will include.

I teamed this outfit with these beautifully simple white heels as I felt that the white complimented the nude in the jumpsuit very well.

All links below.

Jess xx

Heels: Simmi but sold out


Saturday, 16 January 2016

Looking Forward

Hey lovelies

I hope you are all well and that January is treating you kindly! A bit of a wordy post from me today, I haven't had a chance to get out and take some blog pictures so I thought I would take the opportunity to 'look forward' to the year ahead and to let you know what you can expect from me in 2016.

I am currently on a 12 month placement that is due to finish at the beginning on July. So far it has been a good experience, and definitely great for my CV, however, it is not something I would like to continue in the future - which I guess I can take as a positive, finding out what you don't want to do is helpful in working out what you do want to do! I've made some really great friends on my placement but working full time is definitely tiring and I don't really have a lot of free time so I'm very much looking forward to finishing in July and having 3 months break.

I will be starting back at uni in Coventry in September and I have to say, I am quite looking forward to it; not all the stress, coursework and exams though. I am currently in the process of looking for a house for my final year, which is fairly tricky but exciting all the same! I am going to be putting in a lot more time and effort with my work in final year so the blog might suffer a bit, but I'm looking forward to getting back to learning lots of new things.

I don't have many plans to travel this year as I have very limited funds, however, as last year was a big year for my family with my 21st, my Dad's 50th and my parent's 25th anniversary, we are discussing doing something good in the summer. Places like America and New Zealand are possibilities, and I haven't been to either of them so I'm getting so very excited as you can imagine.

And the most important aspect!! I am looking forward to seeing where my blog will take me this year, and what trends and styles will become popular. I tried out lots of different outfits in 2015 so I'm excited to get creative this year. I am trying to get a blog post up every week, however, having a full time job takes out pretty much every day, then I have to factor in 'me' time, boyfriend visits, and my photographer (whether it's my Dad, housemate, or boyfriend) actually being free. But I'm working hard on it because I love blogging, and I'm looking forward to the summer when I will have more spare time for everything. 

I had previously planned to work on a new blog layout over Christmas but unfortunately I simply did not have the time. I am now planning on doing it over summer, so I will be looking at lots of other blogs for inspiration. 2015 saw the renaming of my blog from 'It's The Little Things' to 'JessicaLouise' which I am super happy with and I hope you are too!

Back to my normal outfit posts next week hopefully!

Jess xx

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Looking Back

Hey lovelies,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and aren't feeling too bad about going back to work/uni/school - I'm trying to stay positive in the final 6 months of my work placement. A slightly different post from me today, I'm currently battling with a cold and really don't feel up to going out to take outfit pictures, so, as my first post in 2016, I thought I would take a look back at my favourite outfits of 2015. All of the links for the outfits are on the original posts (linked at the top of each one).

This Sports Luxe look is one of my favourites as it is just so simple. The flexibility of this style means you can make it as sporty, or not, as you like, and there are so many different combinations. These amazing trainers quickly became one of my most worn pairs of shoes last year, and I am still crazy in love with them. The sports luxe trend is definitely something I'm going to be trying again soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

I absolutely love pastel colours, so when spring arrived and I blogged my Pastel Pink and Baby Blue outfit, I couldn't be happier! The look just seemed to come together so perfectly, it's one I brought out on many occasions.

Dresses have been heavily featured on my blog and I have no doubt that this will continue long into the future. Definitely my favourite dress of 2015 had to be this gorgeous one from Fierce Designs. The gorgeous colours and the cute open back detail makes it ideal for the spring and summer months for so many different occasions. I will definitely be bringing it out loads more this year too!

Although I'm most definitely a summer girl, I do also quite enjoy getting the Earthy Tones out for autumn and winter, and this season it was all about khaki and tan. This coat is unbelievably comfy and warm, and these heels are amazing, it literally took so much for me to not buy them in every single colour! 

I'm finishing off this post with the most sparkliest and colourful dresses and I am absolutely in love with it. My Christmas Sparkles and Tasseled Heels post was so fun to shoot as the sequins kept catching the sunlight, making pretty patterns on the floor! Whilst we were taking the pictures, some girl actually stared at the dress out the window of a car as it drove past!

I hope you enjoyed this post looking back at my favourite outfits of 2015, hopefully I will have some more great outfits to show you in 2016! Next week I will be looking forwards to the year ahead and the different kind of things I am planning :)

Jess xx
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