Monday, 16 February 2015

Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Hey Lovelies

I wanted to get this post up last week as a little V-Day inspo' but unfortunately I ran out of time so it had to wait until now! Matt and I stayed in a hotel Friday to Sunday and had a really lovely and chilled weekend; being at uni can often get quite busy and stressful so it was so good just to get away from it all for a little while. Also, apologies for the lighting, I just couldn't get these pictures taken at the right time!

Onto the outfit! I absolutely love a bargain (who doesn't?!) so I was super pleased when I found this top and skirt in Primark. Pink and fluffy is the best combination, especially when they are so comfy too. This is a very girly look and that is why I love it, plus the top and skirt work well separately too.

The lovelies over at Online Avenue have sent me these beautiful Tianna peep toe sandals and I really like them. They are super comfy and because they aren't particularly high, they add a touch of class to an outfit. Although I have found them a little tricky to put on and take off as the strap is a tiny bit too big for the buckle so it is a bit of a pain, although not the end of the world. I also don't have anything like these Online Avenue heels so they are adding something to my wardrobe. They can easily be paired with some jeans to dress up an outfit, equally they would be ideal if you are looking for some shoes to wear to work as they are so comfy. Online Avenue have some really lovely shoes and dresses so it you're looking of an outfit, I definitely recommend them!

Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day!

Jess xx

Disclaimer: I have been gifted these shoes, however, all opinions expressed are my own

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