Monday, 27 October 2014

Autumn Love

As you may notice, I am playing around with the locations of my photos. This is because I want to find the perfect place, so bear with me as I change it up a little!

This last week has been particularly blustery and I have seen a massive increase in the autumn leaves on the path on my way to uni, that's why I thought this painted floral strap jumpsuit from ILWF was ideal. The pattern is actually flowers but the colour scheme makes them look like autumn leaves, and they're such pretty colours I just had to purchase this beauty. It is so comfortable to wear and the material feels of good quality, it is thin so you don't get too hot but there's enough of it to keep you warm.

I teamed it with my New Look black ankle boots and wore a cream coloured coat. I also added some deep purple lippy to add to the autumnal theme.

I took these photos after getting back from a Sunday roast with my boyfriend, I decided I just had to show it to you guys!

Have a great week!

Jess xx


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