Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Holiday Style Diary | Perfect Pastel

Oh look at that view! I'm having major post-holiday-blues looking at these pictures, the view from our balcony was lush! And this outfit was probably my favourite of all my holiday outfits. It's sophisticated yet fun and simple yet pretty. I am in love with pastels as they make for a perfect summer outfit, although shops are now featuring autumn/winter clothing so the general colour scheme is a lot darker.

My white crop top and pastel pink midi skirt, both from Boohoo, are so comfortable to wear and move around in, I was a tad worried that I wouldn't be able to move my legs very much but the material is stretchy so I needn't have worried! I love that the material is slightly thicker than most other crop tops and skirts, it makes it feel of such good quality, and would add a bit of warmth if I fancied wearing it in England. This is a combination that I had my eye on for quite a while, it is an outfit that is quite versatile and that I can mix and match with many other items. I paired them with my River Island sandals (which I am in LOVE with) and my Boohoo clutch bag (featured on this post) which I actually forgot to grab when taking these pictures, oops! 

Here are the links so you can go take a lookie!

Crop top ~ Boohoo

Midi skirt ~ Boohoo

Sandals ~ River Island

Jess xx

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