Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Great Gizmos!

This is a bit of a different post to usual so if you were looking for my usual fashion or beauty related post, not today I'm afraid. What I am writing about, however, is toys and arts and crafts!

Obviously I am too old for this stuff but it is ideal for the kids I know so I thought I would share it with you to make birthday and christmas present buying for children a little bit easier!

Great Gizmos is my Dad's company (so you may say I'm a little bit biased) and they sell everything from toys, arts and crafts and dressing up sets. Some of the stuff they do, I wish I had when I was younger! You may have noticed the banner in the sidebar linking you to their website. Also, you you fancy any of their things, use the discount code 'ITLT20' for 20% off :)

Here, I have picked out some of my favourite things, enjoy!

This cute rainbow skirt is so pretty, my little cousins always beeline for it! It's perfect for dressing up as a princess/fairy etc

Seriously, how adorable is this owl soft toy?! It's super cute and super soft, if I wasn't supposed to be an adult, I would definitely own one!

Being a Geography and Natural Hazards student, I definitely had to feature this volcano making kit on my blog! To be perfectly honest with you, I am considering getting myself one as it looks a lot of fun.

I have done many mould and paint kits in my time and this mould and paint cupcake is probably my favourite. I love cupcakes and I love colours so colourful cupcakes are perfect! If only you could eat them...

These lamb booties are the cutest! I need to have a baby of my own so I can buy these because they are so adorable!

I think it's fair to say I like pink?! I love this pink pedal car and I have actually ridden on one when visiting my Dad at work haha, although I was worried that I would be too heavy for it and break it, it was a lot of fun!

Zoob is one of those things that can keep me quiet for a while, I have also spent many hours making different models, animals and other things so it is very entertaining. The plastic is hard and durable so you can throw it on hard surfaces all you like!

If you want to check out these toys or more, click here or on the banner on the left hand sidebar :) And don't forget the discount code 'ITLT20'!

Jess xx

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored

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