Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Holiday Style Diary | Bright Lights and Neon Nights

Hey guys, I'm back from my holiday! Thus begins my little series called 'Holiday Style Diary'. Whilst I was away, I took quite a few outfits, and pictures in those outfits, for me to share with you. I will also be away in Tanzania for the whole of September so I will be scheduling some posts so you'll never know I'm gone! Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

This is my first outfit, and quite fittingly, the first outfit I wore on holiday. We had arrived at our hotel quite late so we only had time to change quickly before we were rushed into dinner so I just threw something easy on. Excuse my shiny face, I had just spent 4 hours on a plane then half an hour in a taxi with no time to sort my face out! It was also pretty hot. This was the first time of taking blog pictures with someone behind the camera which took a bit of getting used to. I couldn't take my trusty tripod so my Dad stepped up and took all the pictures for me, thanks Dad!

I don't think the camera properly picks out how bright this top is as it definitely looks a lot brighter in real life. Although the colour scheme in shops has largely been pastel, neon has really made a comeback this summer season. I absolutely love this neon top from New Look as it is so simple and pretty, yet so versatile. Pair it with sandals and denim shorts, like I have here, and you have a chilled out and easy look, however, team it with some skinny jeans and heels and you have a smarter outfit to go out in. 

My hair (you can't really see but I can describe it to you anyway!) is tied in a topknot with two plaits in the topknot and two in the rest of my hair. As I was travelling, I wanted to have my hair off my face (long hair can be a tad irritating at times) but to also look girly so I tried out this new hairstyle and had no problems with it whatsoever.

My top is from New Look here

My shorts are also from New Look but are really old so I can't find them anymore

My flipflops are from Primark

Jess xx

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