Saturday, 3 May 2014

Summer is coming, therefore one must shop!

I love summer! It is my favourite season; you get to go on holiday, school/college/uni has finished, everywhere is so bright and pretty, and everyone seems to be in that much of a better mood. So you can imagine my delight with the beautiful weather we have been having recently over here in England (minus the more recent damp days).  I also love clothes so when I got money and a gift voucher for New Look for my birthday a few weeks ago, I simply couldn't wait to get spending! I was going to take pictures of me wearing these clothes, however, I have just woken up and look horrendous, also I wasn't going to do a bikini shot (oo-er) as I would feel a little bit exposed. Being a student with no job means that I have to be sensible with my money *sigh* and can't just splash out on clothes, makeup etc. So every now and then I like to treat myself :) I have also recently bought some new makeup and skincare products, so fear not, I shall be posting them up soon too! 

All the clothes featured are from New Look, here are their proper names just in case any of them take your fancy and you also want to purchase them:

♥Cream Wild Souls T-shirt (£7.99)
♥Blue Polka Dot Triangle Bikini Top (£7.99)
♥Blue Polka Dot Bikini Bottoms (£4.99)
♥Shell Pink Voile Maxi Skirt (£14.99)
Shell Pink Tropical Print Double Layer (£17.99)
♥Grey Long Sleeve Zebra Print Top (£9.00)

Any one else ridiculously super excited for summer?

Until next time, live, laugh and love and enjoy all the little things in life 


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