Tuesday, 27 May 2014

One Fine Summers Day

This is a picture of the necklace, not my boobs! I promise!

So I have officially finished my first year of Uni and I have been back home for 5 days now. It's strange being home after living somewhere else for 8 months. I now have to eat at different times to usual, I have to leave the house to see my friends, my boyfriend is an hour and a half away and I have significantly less freedom. I am in the process of finding myself a job for the summer, otherwise I'm going to get incredibly bored these next 3 months!

Here in England, we had a period of a few days of sunny weather, yay! However, it has swiftly been replaced with cold, rainy weather *sigh*. I'm just hoping for the sun to return on Sunday for the London Colour Run in which I am participating - you may have seen my Instagram picture, I am rather excited for it! My family and boyfriend are coming to watch so no doubt there will be pictures to upload.

A couple of days ago, myself and a friend from home went shopping (and spent waaaay too much money, a job is definitely required!). We did go into Lush but I managed to prevent myself from reaching for my purse, otherwise there would have been significant damage to my bank account! The shops I purchased from were:

♥ New Look
♥ Boots
♥ Claire's Accessories
♥ Topshop
♥ River Island

When I got back home, it was sunny and two of my Aunties were coming over for tea and cake so I put on my new dress, jewellery and shoes (shown in the pictures above). I kept my makeup simple, just foundation, powder and mascara and tied my hair back into a messy bun. The dress and shoes are from New Look and the jewellery is from Topshop. The dress was in the sale and I picked it up because it just looked so pretty and the material is lovely and soft. It is a deep pink colour with a white, lacy collar. It is fairly tightly fitted at the top, comes in at the waist and is more loose from the hips.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little life update, I appreciate it's probably not that interesting to hear about my life, I shall review more products and things when I have something worth reviewing! 

Until next time, live, laugh and love and enjoy all the little things in life 

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