Sunday, 27 April 2014

Nivea Day and Night Creams | Review

When it comes to skincare, I am constantly trying out new products and, when I find one that works for me, I stick to it for a while.... Before getting bored and trying a different one! So having used these two for a few months, I thought it high time to make up my mind about them. Previously, I didn't use a separate day and night cream, I just used one for all times of the day, however, I decided to see if it makes any difference. I picked up these two (nice and cheap!) at my local Boots and got moisturising. 

My initial thoughts were that they weren't any different. Just the same moisturiser in different packaging. After using it a bit more, I saw very distinct differences that I can't believe I didn't notice straight away!

Nivea Day Moisturiser
This one is quite a light moisturiser, so your skin doesn't feel oily throughout the day. It is fairly easily absorbed into my skin and has a smell that isn't overpowering. This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated, and as it has SPF15, I don't have to worry about my face getting burnt in this lovely English sun *cough*. In all seriousness, I wouldn't rely on this moisturiser alone to protect my skin in the summer, and especially not in a hotter country, however, it does the job just nicely in the British spring.

Nivea Night Moisturiser
As it is meant to keep your skin hydrated and smooth while you snooze away, this moisturiser is a lot thicker and heavier than the day moisturiser. It smells just the same as the day moisturiser too, just a little stronger. Unfortunately I don't think I will be repurchasing this product as my skin just feels so oily for ages after application. Although my skin does feel nice and soft in the morning, before then, I feel like I haven't rubbed it in enough and that I have to constantly wipe my face. Not exactly what you want from a moisturiser. It seems like Nivea have focused too much on the morning-after effects rather than the night-time effects.

A possible reason for them not being quite right for my skin is because I picked up the normal and combination skin version, whereas my skin would probably be classed as oily to combination. So maybe I'll give those versions a go and maybe they'll work better for me. I do, however, love this range because they work, and they aren't going to injure your bank account. Both of these were £2.99 each and they last a fair amount of time. They are super affordable and you definitely get value for money here!

Until next time, live, laugh and love and enjoy all the little things in life 

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