Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pretty in Pink Nails ♥

Hey Guys!
I absolutely love having my nails decorated with all different colours and designs, however, I don't often bother. My toenails are almost always painted and my colours of choice will be either bright and bold, or deep colours.

A photo of my feet taken from my Instagram

My problem lies with my fingernails. My nails aren't particularly strong so I tend to keep them short, this means that if I want longer nails, I either have to grow them out and hope for the best, or use fake nails (which often end up annoying me!). My second issue with decorated nails, is that my nails seem to have an issue with it. Nail polish never seems to stay on for long at all. It either chips (which REALLY bugs me!!) or it peels off! I can also never be bothered to wait for it to dry, and then when I think it is dry, I start doing things and end up smudging my newly painted nails.

It's a shame because I love all the different nail designs that you can do, and my friend, in particular, is very skilled at nail painting so she's always sending me pictures of her nails (yes, you can detect a slight hint of jealousy!). Nevertheless, I have decided to give some nail designs a go, in the hope of becoming better and quicker at it. Here is my first attempt:

Not too shabby eh? I got the design idea from CutePolish who does tutorials for amazing nail designs! Some of the designs are so detailed it's crazy!! I will definitely be attempting some more of them, they are actually easier than I expected. I used white, silver sparkle, light pink and a slightly darker pink nail polishes, and a white and a pink nail pen.

So as I'm planning on trying out loads of designs, maybe this should be a regular feature on my blog? I'll see what I can do.

Can you do nail designs? Do you have issues with nail polish like I do?


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