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GlossyBox | July 2013

Hey Guys!
Is it just me, or is time flying by?! As my uni move-in date approaches ever quicker, I find myself with less and less time on my hands! This is the reason I am reviewing the July GlossyBox in September!! Sorry about that!

July's GlossyBox had the theme 'Seaside Splash' so all the products are focusing on the 'beach babe' look. 

Anatomicals Spray Mist - I have previously owned, and loved Anatomicals products so I had high hopes for this one. You simply spritz this onto your face after cleansing or even over your makeup to refresh your skin and set your makeup. It is in a handy-sized bottle that fits in my handbag to carry around with me, so I can use it out and about. It refreshed my skin well and cooled me down in the heat, which I loved. I was generally very happy with this product and will continue to love using it. The full size product is 100ml which is £6. I think this is a decent price for this, and would definitely consider buying it.

Coola Mineral Face Moisturiser - As, here in England, we were experiencing a heatwave at the time of receiving this box, a mineral moisturiser with built-in spf 20 is exactly what I needed! I was dubious at first, as to whether it would work as well as a normal suncream but I risked my face and gave it a go. I was out in the sun for ages, and not only was my face moisturised and soothed, it was also protected from the sun and I didn't get burnt!! Like with all products the first time of use, I was unsure as to how much I needed to use, however, after a couple of applications, I figured it out. Overall, I have been relatively happy with this product. For the full size, it is £29.99 for 50ml. Compared with my usual suncreams, this is quite expensive, and as I am soon to be a poor student, I will not be purchasing this.

Alterna Bamboo Style Texture Mist - I am a fan of the tousled waves style as it looks effortless and is linked with the 'beach babe' look. You just spray all over your hair and scrunch it with your hands. I have enjoyed using this product a lot as it is easy to accessorise with and wear it as casual, or dress it up to make it more formal. I have used it lots and will continue using it until I run out. The full size product is 125ml and is £23, this is a little expensive and, as I mentioned before, I will not be able to afford this, however, if you can, I recommend this product.

Essie Sleek Sticks - I am a massive fan of painted and coloured nails, I am also a massive fan of Essie, so you can imagine my excitement when receiving this product. They are really simple to apply and they last for a very long time. I actually prefer them to nail varnish as I can never be bothered to wait for them to dry, and with these, there is no waiting around. My only criticism with the product I received, is that I would have preferred different colours. I have mentioned in previous blog posts that I like bright colours in summer, and that is not what I got in this box. Nevertheless, I was still happy to wear them until they chipped and I had to peel them off (which was equally as easy as the application). One set is around £9.99, which I think is worth paying, especially if you have nail polish-repellent nails that refuse to keep nail polish on for a decent amount of time!!

Sleek Pout Paint - This was the one product in my GlossyBox that I was actually disappointed in. I'll start with the positives though. They are highly pigmented so you hardly need to use any, thus meaning that they will last a long time. They are also really moisturising so my lips didn't feel dry whilst I was wearing them. However. The two colours I received were impossible for me to use. They are meant for mixing so it is unsurprising that I would never wear them on their own. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find anything to mix them with to create a good colour that I am happy with and comfortable enough to wear out and about. Thus making them unusable. They cost £4.99 for 8ml, which is a decent price, however, as you can probably tell, I will not be purchasing them.

So that is everything in July's box! I have generally been happy with the products and have felt that they are useful for the time of year (that I received them in). I will review my August GlossyBox soon, and I look forward to receiving my September box (which will probably, sadly, be my last). 

Have you tried any of these products? What's your opinion of them?

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