Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Goal Review

Hey Guys!

Can you believe it's already July?!?! Nope, me neither. We seem to be racing through the year at a crazy pace and before we know it, it'll be 2014! So as we have now had half the year, I have decided to re-visit my New Years Goals and see how many I have completed or am sticking to, and see which ones I need to be reminded of or need work.

You can see my New Years Goals blog post HERE!

So to crack on!
 Be more organised
I wanted to keep my room tidy, now I think it is fair to say that, for the majority of the time, my room is the tidiest room in my house! Apart from the occasional pile of clothes that I haven't had time to put away yet or a little bit of clutter that finds it's way onto my desk, I generally have a nice tidy room.
As far as not being late? I have definitely improved on my timing. I am on time and early for things now, besides from a few times I'm late due to traffic or parking being a nightmare.
I would say that I am sticking to this goal pretty well. Sure it still needs some improvements, but I'm getting there.

Complete my scrapbook
I have to be completely honest. I have hardly done any more of my scrapbook. I could make excuses for this because, believe me, I have plenty, but it basically boils down to me being lazy and not having the motivation to do it. Ooops! 
I will definitely get back to it now that I have got more spare time, and my gap year is fast coming to an end.

Prepare for University
The first issue I raised was my abilities in the kitchen. Now, I have done more cooking as the year has progressed and I do feel more confident making meals, however, I haven't done as much as I would like. And I certainly don't feel like I could just make a meal up, I still feel like a recipe is needed. Sure I can do pasta, various things with eggs and other simple things, I just wish I could do more. 
The second issue was to buy my stuff, and I can safely say that this hasn't even been started! I am yet to go out and buy the necessary things for uni but I will definitely have to do it soon.
This goal needs work but I am confident in saying that it will be completed by the end of the year, due to the fact I am off to uni at the end of September!!

Exercise more
Finally! A goal I am completely sticking to! Due to my sudden spurt of motivation (which I talked about HERE!) I can say, with confidence, that I am exercising at least 5 times a week, plus I am continuing with my various 30-day challenges (also mentioned in THIS post). I feel there is nothing more to be said about this goal, other than I am happy about the way it is going and I really hope it carries on!

Save money
I guess I can say I have saved a decent amount so far this year. As I have mentioned on previous blog posts, my hours at work got increased massively and so my bank account started looking a little happier. I have reduced my hours at work, but I still keep spending. I need to stop really but it's really difficult! I definitely need more discipline when it comes to spending money.

Opt for the healthy option more often
This is a tricky one. Whilst i am trying to eat more healthily, I also find myself snacking as I am at home a lot more. I do, however, have a healthy breakfast and try to have a healthy lunch. So I'm working on it, but this goal still needs to have more attention.

Drink more water
I think I can say that this goal is going well. I keep a 750ml bottle of water with me and finish it twice. I also take my sports bottle to the gym and have to refill it at least once when I am there. I need to make sure I keep this up for the rest of the year.

Blog more
This goal, I am sad to say, is not going quite as well as I had planned. At the start of the year, I blogged pretty much every week, however, that has kind of stopped and my poor blog has experienced neglect :( Having reviewed these goals though, I am going to make sure I get back in the game!

So those are my goals and how I'm getting on with them. Generally, they are going well, I just need to make some improvements. Hopefully this has been a kick up the backside for me and I am going to get working on them!

How are your New Years Goals going? Have you completed any? What needs work?

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