Saturday, 23 February 2013

Skiing Diary day 5/6

So I am now past half way through my skiing trip, and so far I can say I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it! In general, the weather has been lovely, the slopes have been great, and, because we get up nice and early, there aren't to many people around to clog up the pistes.

My top and leggings are from New Look, my bracelet is from Chamilia, and the bow is just an old scarf.

Thursday was another early one, we were even the first ones on one of the gondolas! It was cloudy in the morning but it soon cleared, however, the temperature stayed very low - reaching a chilling -20C at lunch!! We skied quite far again and found some nice slopes (and some not so nice). At about 12, we decided to have an early, small lunch so I had good old cheese on toast :) We took it easy after that as we all had at least one minor injury, and made our way, slowly, to a restaurant to have pancakes. Unfortunately, we couldn't find anywhere that did pancakes, so we settled for brownies, which were nice but had too many nuts in them. We then made our way back to our chalet hotel for cake! The evening, as always, was chilled with card games and yummy dinner. Bed was then calling us at about 11 so we called it a night then.

Another early one yesterday, and we decided to stay in an area that we hadn't really visited much yet. Though there was blue skies, it was extremely cold and my fingers and toes were really not happy! The slopes were good and clear as not many people were on them, and we stopped for a hot chocolate (although not for me as I don't like hot chocolate!) and to have a nibble of our chocolate bars. We skied a bit more before finding somewhere for lunch, where we saw a stunt plane doing crazy things (stunts mostly, obviously!). We then met my brother who has decided to try snowboarding this week, and did a few more runs. We then made our way back go the chalet hotel for cake, showers and chill out time. We had dinner and played a few more card games, before calling it a night.

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