Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Skiing Diary day 3/4

Hey guys!
First of all, sorry for the terrible layout, I am doing this on my iPad and its really not easy!
So yesterday, we were up early and on the slopes by 9 again! We decided to try to get to the furthest to the right we could get to on the map, which we managed to do before lunch! Only two of our party were injured but nothing major so it was fine (neither of which were me!) I had a lovely ham omelette which I had been looking forward to as it is something I have every skiing holiday :) We took our time getting back as a lot of the pistes were challenging, icy and busy and didn't want to break anything! Before dinner, we went to see the piste party, which was good, and ended up at a bar for a drink! Dinner was again, lovely, and we played UNO and Irish snap afterwards, before going to bed and falling asleep very quickly!

Today was fun as there were just four of us going out together (me, my sister and our cousins) so we had to navigate our way around the slopes! We stared off the day with a couple of black runs and spent most of the day doing black and red runs to challenge ourselves! My cousins love doing jumps so we got quite a lot of footage of them doing various jumps and things. We skied back to the main area to meet everyone else for lunch which was really nice (but very pricey!). The afternoon was quite chilled as we spent it with my brother, who has only just started to learn to snowboard this week, so we took it easy on green runs! We got back to the chalet hotel in time for cake and a well earned rest! My dad then took myself and my sister out onto the slopes in the dark for a wander which was fun as they had music playing and flashing lights. It is the staff day off today so we are going out for dinner in a bit.

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