Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Skiing Diary day 1/2

Hey guys!
So I am currently in France, skiing! I have decided to keep you updated on my week and what I get up to, along with lots of pictures :)

So on Sunday, we got up at 5am to get to the airport nice and early. The plane journey was a little over an hour and I watched the beginning of Batman The Dark Knight Rises (about the 4th time I have seen it!) when we arrived at the airport, we then had a 2 hour coach journey up the mountain on long windy roads to reach our chalet hotel. I am sharing a room with my sister, Em and our room is nice and quite snug! Once we had unpacked, we went to the ski hire place to pick up our skis, boots, helmets and poles. My brother has decided to try snowboarding this year so he had a load of different things to get. That evening was pretty chilled as we were exhausting from being up so early, and we played various Top Trumps before dinner. We got a (kind of) early night to we could be fresh and ready for skiing in the morning!

Yesterday was our first day of skiing and, though we were worried about getting our ski-legs back, we were so excited to get back on the slopes! Breakfast was a full English and juice to fuel our action packed day. We were on the slopes by 9am and there was hardly anyone around and the sky was gorgeous so it was soooo lovely. We stopped for lunch at about 1:30 and I had a Hawaiian burger and chips which was really nice. Once we had finished, it was back on the slopes and time to challenge ourselves by increasing our speed and my cousins did a few good jumps off piste! When we got back to our chalet hotel, cake was waiting for us which was great so we collapsed on the sofas eating cake! We got ready quickly and had dinner which was, again, really nice! At nearly 11, we called it a night and fell asleep pretty much straight away! 

Can't wait for skiing today!

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  1. It sounds lovely! I wish I was skiing! Lovely photos too :-)




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