Thursday, 28 February 2013

GlossyBox | February 2013

As February draws to a close, I have had plenty of time to try out the various products I have received in this month's GlossyBox.
As it is February, the focus for this month's box was valentines. The bow on the front of the box was pretty and I liked the heart shape on the leaflet. The leaflet was, again, very useful as it contained descriptions of all the products, the prices of the full sizes and some discounts! The freebie this month was a cute heart-shaped lolly - it's not featured in any of these pictures as I have already eaten it(!) and it was very yummy :)

Rituals Magic Touch body cream - This is a velvety body cream that 'nourishes the skin' and leaves it feeling 'silky soft to the touch'. It combines rice milk, antioxidants, cherry blossom fragrance and smooth texture. It smells of fresh-ness and summer and I love the way that the scent lingers on my skin, but isn't too overpowering. I have been impressed with this product as it moisturises my skin but doesn't leave it feeling sticky and horrible like other body creams do. This size is 70ml and would be £5, while the 200ml tube would be £15. I am seriously considering buying this once I have run out as I really think it is value for money!

MeMeMe Beat the Blues - I don't personally usually use skin illuminators and so as I have no previous experience with them, it took a while to master the technique to getting it just right. It claims to enhance your natural radiance which, I failed to notice. Maybe I'm just not using it right, but I didn't notice a difference in my skin's radiance at all so I was a little dissappointed. You simply dot along your brow and cheek bones to highlight and accentuate or mix with with foundation for a subtle all over shimmer. It has an odd dewy smell that isn't bad but it could be better. The full size is 12ml and is £5.50. I'm not sure that I would go out and buy it as it hasn't appeared to do anything.

Miners Lip Colour - I was pretty impressed when I saw this product in my box as it a proper sized product, not just a small tester one. Keeping with the valentines theme here, they say it is for irresistibly kissable lips and give the option of 12 different shades - the one I got was MI7001 Cinnamon. It smells fruity (not of cinnamon which I was sad about), however, it is only a faint scent so not too overpowering! It is really quite pigmented and it stays on for a long time. You can put on a little bit, which would be suitable for every-day situations, then add more for deeper lips. I really like this product as it works well with my skin tone and it is not a colour that I already have. The full size is 4g and is £3.99, so cheaper than a lot of lipsticks I already have! 

Micabella eye shadow - I have quite a few eye shadows and I generally stick to the more browny-goldy-grey sort of colours, so I was quite pleased that they sent me this one. It is called 53 Dark Secrets and I really like it! It is made of 100% natural mica, which is a crystal-like mineral and, what's more, it is waterproof. You dip your brush lightly into the powder, tap off excess powder and apply to your eyelids. To make the colouring darker, either just add more, or you can dampen the applicator before dipping it in to the pot. It stays on well and is really easy to blend and to create the smokey eye effect. The full size is 2.5g and is £14.95, so quite a lot, however, it does last a long time as you hardly need any per use. Not sure I will be rushing to buy it, but I am glad I got to try it!

Figs and Rouge lip balm - It is fair to say, I have quite a few lip balms, all of which I am happy with. This particular product is pretty good too! It is excellent for soothing and naturally hydrating lips and skin, 'helping to maintain an easy, groomed look'. I didn't actually use it on my skin even though it says you can, I just stuck to putting it on my lips. I can't put my finger on what it smells of but it does smell nice and it does keep my lips moisturised and hydrated. The full size is 8ml costing £3.49, which is half decent. You can get cheaper lip balms, however, I would be happy paying that price for a good product.

So overall, I was pretty happy with this month's GlossyBox. The sizes of the products are good so I can properly try them out, and I wouldn't mind continuing using them. i don't really have anything negative to say about the box, and I just hope that GlossyBox continue with the high quality boxes in the future. If you haven't already, I advise you subscribe to GlossyBox as it gives you an opportunity to expand your beauty horizons and try out products you probably wouldn't otherwise try.

Do you get GlossyBox? What's your opinion?

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