Thursday, 13 December 2012

What's in my bag?!

So I thought I would show you all the things I keep in my handbag :)

My handbag is from New Look (as are most of my clothes and shoes actually!) and I have had it for a few months now. I love it because it is just the right size to fit everything I need in without it being waaaaaay too big!

And that's all the stuff I carry around with me :) I am actually surprised that it all fits in now that I have laid it all out!

The small bag on the left is from Natural Collection, (although I'm not sure how I obtained it!) and it is a good size to fit my essential/emergency makeup in.
I have the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in shade 40, fawn and it is useful for small foundation touch ups when I am out and about.
Next is the Boots essentials rose lip balm. It says it tints and moisturises lips which is exactly what it does! In this occasion (and it is quite rare that this happens) it does what it says on the tin. It smells nice and keeps my lips moisturised.
I also have the missguided lipsplash which I think was from a magazine, but I liked it a lot so I decided to keep it and put it in my handbag :)
The mascara I have is the Maybelline the Falsies volum' express mascara in black. This one I really like as it extends my lashes nicely and is quite useful to top up my makeup when I am not at home.
On the right, is my No. 17 Pressed Powder, shade delicate beige. It is easy to apply, especially as it has it's own mirror!
I'm not too sure where the lip/eye shadow palette is from as it has no labels or stickers or anything on it (not very helpful!) so your guess it as good as mine on this one! I do like it though, as it has a wide variety of colours to choose from.
Finally, there's my hair grips. They are from Boots and they are useful for when my hair decides to play up and strands go flying in the wind!

On the left, is the Soap & Glory Hand Maid, which is an antibacterial hand cleansing gel. This is essential for keeping your hands clean, especially if you are using public transport or having a picnic :)
I also have a L'Occitane limited edition Hibiscus Flower hand cream which I actually got from a magazine! It comes in handy (handy! get it?! HANDy!) for when my hands get dry during the day.
My cute pack of tissues comes from Accessorize. I found it at the counter and thought it would be ideal for my handbag, which is where it lives!
On the right, is the anatomicals help the paw vitamin rich hand cream (more hand cream, I know!). I got this from New Look and it smells quite nice.

Here is nothing particularly interesting, just a mini notepad from Paperchase which is a good little size for jotting down shopping lists or things I need to remember (I am quite a forgetful person). All the pens are from WHSmiths apart from the white one which I picked up from an open day at the University of Surrey.

On either side are my gloves from Accessorize. I got them last year and they haven't broken or faded, and they keep my hands warm which is good considering that is their primary purpose!
In the middle is my Fat Face hand warmer. These are amazing in winter, especially when we go skiing!

The chewing gum on the left is Wrigley's 5 Flood, berry flavour. It tastes really nice and the flavour lasts a long time.
My purse is from Accessorize and it is a decent size. Unfortunately, it has broken so I have asked Santa for a new one :) It doesn't really have enough slots for my cards and the clasp keeps opening when I have too many coins in there (most likely to be coppers rather than anything of worth!).
On the right is Wrigley's Extra spearmint chewing gum in a really nice pot. It is a good size and the lid stays shut so I don't get chewing gum falling out into my bag!
Finally, at the front are my headphones from Apple. There isn't much I can say about them as the majority of you will have them or at least used them at one point or another :)

So yeah, that is my handbag and everything in it! Hope this was interesting :P

What do you keep in your handbag?

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